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Fascia training L1

Become a level 1 fascia trainer with this webinar. Get science based information, interviews from industry experts and exercises.

Fascia training l2

Become a level 2 fascia trainer with this webinar. Delve deeper into the subject of fascia and expand your exercise library.

Fascia Training l3

Become a level 3 fascia master trainer with this webinar. You will be an expert in the field of fascia. Get advice from experts and high level exercises.


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About Fascia Training

Fascia is becoming a hot topic in the fitness and health industry. Yet there’s still quite some controversy surrounding the subject. That's where Fascia Training comes in. We want to provide personal trainers with the information that the research generates, but in the language of the trainer. Fascia Training offers personal trainers the necessary knowledge through webinars, interviews with industry experts, and exercises which can be implemented directly into their training programs. Fascia Training is a must-have for every health professional who wants to help his clients at a top level.

360 fascia learning experience

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Advice from specialists

Get advice from specialist in interviews about fascia. Get to know the opinion of fitness industry leaders like Chi from the Chivo institute, James Breese from Strenght Matters, Max Icardi from the Functional Training Network, Geert Van Poppel of Mijers, Duncan Reeve from Chek institute and Ari-Pekka Lindberg from Anatomy Trains.
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science based framework

The webinars of Fascia Training are constructed from over 50 science based sources. From Authors like Robert Shleip and Thomas Meyers.
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practical application

With fascia training, you get hands on solutions en exercises which you can implement in your training program directly.
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For every level of trainer

Fascia Training contains information and exercises which can be implemented in every health organisation or personal trainer exercises program regardless of the level of knowledge.


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360 Fascia learning experience

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